Mozilla Firefox browser won’t support Windows Vista, XP from September 2017

The famous company to develop the popular browser Firefox, Mozilla has declared that it will stop its support for older versions of Windows OS starting next September. The company mentioned in a blog that starting from March 2017, Windows Vista and Windows XP will be automatically shifted to Firefox Extended Support Release—Firefox ESR. Does this … Read more

Top 5 Unknown and cool Innovations by Microsoft

Microsoft always believes in innovations rather than keeping it a tradition. And the company doesn’t just believe but have done loads of developments in its R&D labs. Below are some of the unknown innovations of Microsoft. Holoportation The technology enables to reconstruct, transmit, and compress high-quality 3D models of the people anytime, anywhere, and in … Read more

Battle of virtual assistants

Today, we will discuss about the AI of each tech giant. Yes!!! It is the battle between Google Assistant vs Microsoft Cortana vs Apple Siri vs Amazon Alexa. So, let the battle begin…. Google Assistant Google’s AI, also known as Google Assistant, has a huge and circumstantial advantage. It utilizes all data that the search-engine … Read more