How to use Apple AirPods with Android devices

After its announcement 2 months back, users are finally able to buy the cordless AirPods for the jackless iPhones. Now, if you want to hear music from your brand new iPhone 7, the only way to do so is via Bluetooth.

Priced at $159, users may think twice to buy them as they can get a good pair of Bluetooth earpiece for $30. But, if you want the best from Apple, then the wireless AirPods are your thing. If you use an Android device too, here is the method of how to connect the new AirPods to your device.

Initially, keep the AirPods in their case of charging. Unlock the lid, and then discover the tiny coupling button on the rear of the case. Grasp that in for a couple of seconds and you’ll observe the white light flashing on the case. This indicates that the Pods are in coupling mode, so go to the Bluetooth on your Android phone. Click the AirPods in the list of devices, and agree to any messages that come up.

This will connect your Android phone to the AirPods and they will behave like a usual duo of Bluetooth earpieces. This can be done with a Windows desktop or laptop that ropes Bluetooth.

So friends, what you think of this idea? If you have the new AirPods, it is worth giving a try. Do you have any more ideas regarding the same topic? If yes, do let us know. Please write to us along with your thoughts.

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