Brazilian Government Takes Efforts to Secure Amazon Tribes by Using Technology

We have seen technology boosting up at a rapid pace and the world population has been a long-term participant using the advanced facilities. But there is some of the human kind who resides in the depth of the forests and in isolated areas. Those tribal people are special due to their art of living and survival.

These communities are on the stage of extinction. Thus to protect these people, the Brazilian Government is constantly making efforts to protect the Amazonian tribes. The government is using satellites and surveillance devices to keep an eye on the tribes and help to protect the communities from any kind of harm.

Recently, the aerial images were revealed by the advocacy group which displayed the pictures of the undisclosed tribe which may get extinct.

The photo always exposed the village in Yanomami located in Northern Brazil, which is a home of more than 100 people, approximately. The group located in the community is known as Moxihatetea.

The tribe photos were also captured previously in 2011, but the recent one highlights the actual circumstances of the Moxihatetea.

The structuring of the house is in square shapes made of bamboos where they keep their food storage and maintain the fire.

The tribals survive through hunting, fishing and by cultivating crops such as manioc and bananas. They have wide botanical knowledge and use hundreds of plants for medicine and food.

However, the tribe might be in danger due to breaching activity carried out by thousands of illegal gold miners.

“FUNAI will carry on working and would take the essential measures to guard these remote groups”, the spokesperson said.

Indian culture is maintained by all these people and things all over the world, and it is our responsibility to conserve them. Let’s hope the efforts taken by the government succeed to some extent.

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