Top 5 Unknown and cool Innovations by Microsoft

Microsoft always believes in innovations rather than keeping it a tradition. And the company doesn’t just believe but have done loads of developments in its R&D labs. Below are some of the unknown innovations of Microsoft.


The technology enables to reconstruct, transmit, and compress high-quality 3D models of the people anytime, anywhere, and in real time. It gives a slight recall of matrix movie.

Microsoft Pix

The camera app itself fiddles with the edit settings and the post shot enhancements, and later it lets the user to compare both the shots. The motive behind the development was to make everyone one beautiful. So sit back and click a snap and let the Microsoft pix do its work.

DNA Storage

Microsoft developed a biological project that allows molecular data storage in the DNA molecule by using advancement of biotechnology in synthesizing, manipulating and sequencing. Shocking right? Nevertheless, it can store 200 MB of data in your DNA.

Touchless Medical Imaging

The touch less technology uses camera to identify the gestures of doctors to permit the viewing of medical images. The controls and the functioning are carried out without touching. This technology is helpful to prevent direct contamination during medical operations.

Hands-Free Keyboard

The company invented a key board that can be operated by a physically disabled person or cannot interact through words. The keyboard is designed with advanced technology of optic sensing technique. Thus, it can be operated only through eyes movement.

There are many more to come and many concepts are still in process to ease the life of humans on earth. Let’s hope for the best…

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