Five Signs of a Not-So-Happy New Year for Indian Techies

IT services companies in India are anticipating the coming year to be a challenging year for them in terms of economy, business, and politics. The IT industry in India is already experiencing a moderate growth and 2021 will be more arduous. Why you may ask? Below are five reasons indicating why 2020 may be unfavorable … Read more

Google and VMware extend their joint venture to improve Chrome OS

Google, the popular technological giant, is famous for its contribution in operating systems and technological inventions. Speaking of the operating systems, Google’s Android operating system is the famous and top operating system in the world. Almost all the smartphones, except for the iPhones that operate on iOS, function and run on the Android operating system … Read more

YouTube showing more videos in Restrictive Mode along with LGBTQ+ content

YouTube’s Restricted Mode is specifically for preventing the kids from going through some stuff that would obviously distract their minds. But in this process of avoiding “those” specific videos that should not be viewed by kids, apart from the efforts they take, a huge number of comparatively undisruptive videos were getting blocked too. Moreover, these … Read more

Features New To Facebook

Facebook is reaching out to its users with its featured policies and updates and getting its reward in turn. And without being aware of the latest trivia, you will surely miss out on the Facebook trends. So let’s have a look at the latest features of the biggest social media networking giant.   Messenger Day … Read more

Things to expect from the new Bluetooth 5

Bluetooth Special Interest Group, the ruling organization in charge for supervision of the implementation and development of Bluetooth standards, has revealed details corresponding to fifth version of Bluetooth. The new rule is a reasonable upgrade over the current Bluetooth (version 4.2) edition, accessible in almost all of smartphones and other handset devices these days. Bluetooth … Read more

Axis Bank to celebrate Valentine’s Day

When the entire world is celebrating the Valentine’s Day, Banks too are becoming a part of it. Axis Bank is also included in it. The bank is offering various discounts and offers to its customers on behalf of the Valentine’s Day. Here are some outstanding offers that the bank is providing to its customers. Jabong … Read more