WhatsApp privacy policy allows data sharing with Facebook: Here’s how to prevent it

WhatsApp Facebook

WhatsApp has just announced some changes in its terms and privacy policy. In the amendment, the vastly popular instant messenger has decided to share its user database with Facebook. This means that Facebook will now get to know your WhatsApp phone number and use it mainly for targeted advertising. The messaging application has publicly declared … Read more

Facebook adds Guide, Heatmap features for 360-degree video including video metrics

Facebook has introduced two tools named Guide and Heatmap, which enables you to publish 360-degree video easily. Moreover, the social-media giant also released new video metrics in Page Insights. The Guide tool helps you to create and share a guided tour of a 360-degree video. Your viewers will be able to watch the key moments of … Read more

This is what Google’s futuristic campus looks like

Google’s plans for a futuristic campus in California seems to be finally on track, as it had a property swap agreement with LinkedIn. According to the Silicon Valley Business Journal, the two tech giants ended their longstanding feud over a lucrative unused plot, where Google paid $215 million and Linkedin paid $331 million. The job … Read more

YouTube video claims that Facebook Inc. is ‘STEALING BILLIONS OF VIEWS’ from content creators

A video that was recently uploaded to Google’s YouTube that accuses Facebook of stealing billions of views annually has started going viral on the web, while it also receives support from content creators and front running names of the tech industry. The aforementioned video that was produced by Munich-based YouTube channel and design studio Kurzgesagt, … Read more

Facebook search can now access all 2 trillion posts

Facebook Inc., (NASDAQ: FB)- The social networking giant expands its search engine capabilities, by making it access all two trillion posts that have been published to the website. First there were plans for a dedicated spot for videos, then we met Notify, FB’s latest real-time news app. Now Facebook completes its concept by expanding search … Read more

Facebook’s new update stops battery draining on iOS

PALO ALTO, CA- Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) The social networking giant has rolled out an update for its iOS app that ceases the battery draining incident. Over the course of the last few weeks, iOS users have been complaining about a severe battery draining misbehavior, with the most probable culprit being the Facebook application. Facebook took … Read more

Facebook adds ‘celebrating Back to the Future’ feeling for the movie’s 30th anniversary

PALO ALTO, CA- Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) The social networking giant has added a ‘celebrating Back to the Future’ feeling as part of the movies 30th anniversary. Back to the Future is a comic science fiction film that has managed to include itself in the most favorable films of all time, since it was offering a … Read more

Meet Notify, Facebook’s real time news app

PALO ALTO, CA- Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ: FB) The social networking giant is reportedly working on a real time news application. Facebook seeks to expand its functionalities to something much more than just a social network – the most popular one in the world if it makes any difference. The company has reportedly been working on … Read more

Facebook tests video feed to challenge Google’s YouTube

PALO ALTO, CA- Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ: FB) The social networking giant is making waves to the video streaming field, that way challenging rival Google’s YouTube video service. Facebook seems to be through an era of changes and major updates that give the users new ways to use their favourite social network. One could even say … Read more