Facebook’s new update stops battery draining on iOS

PALO ALTO, CA- Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) The social networking giant has rolled out an update for its iOS app that ceases the battery draining incident.

Over the course of the last few weeks, iOS users have been complaining about a severe battery draining misbehavior, with the most probable culprit being the Facebook application. Facebook took those accounts into consideration and dug further into these reports, confirming that the source of the issue is indeed its very own application.

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Have no worries, though, as the company has just rolled out an update that fixes the battery bug and another major issue that affected the devices’ performance.

Facebook engineering manager, Ari Grant, analyzed both issues on a rather comprehensive Facebook post. Grant named the first issue “CPU spin“, which essentially kept the application pushing out network queries without any response. Grant added a humorous comment by comparing the bug to a child asking “are we there yet?” repeatedly in the car; something that does not contribute to reaching a destination whatsoever.

The other issue took place when users watched a video and from there exited the app. In that occasion, the video’s audio session would stay open, despite the fact that the user had left the app. That fundamentally resulted to the unnecessary consumption of background processing power, when nothing was actually playing.

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Facebook’s comment regarding the update states that there are a lot more tricks in its sleeve to completely resolve the battery draining issue; though these will follow in future updates.

Moreover, Grant’s respective post does not specify when the company will launch the much-anticipated updates, which are expected to deliver significant improvements to the application’s performance and stability.

Via: Engadget

Source: Ari Grant

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