Facebook tests video feed to challenge Google’s YouTube

PALO ALTO, CA- Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ: FB) The social networking giant is making waves to the video streaming field, that way challenging rival Google’s YouTube video service.

Facebook seems to be through an era of changes and major updates that give the users new ways to use their favourite social network. One could even say that the company hopes to become more than just the most popular social network in the world.

According to the latest news, Facebook is challenging Google’s YouTube by adding a button that will help users search for videos, rather than having to scroll down their News Feed each time they like to watch one.

Truly, this is a smart move that will make users’ life a lot easier, given that there are already 4 billion videos on Facebook right now. And the number doesn’t seem to be eager to stop growing.

The said feature can either be accessed by tapping a “videos” icon at the bottom of the Facebook app on iPhone, or in the “favorites” section on the left-hand side of News Feed on the Web.

Will Cathcart, vice president of product management at Facebook, said on Tuesday:

“We’ll be testing this with a small number of people now, so this isn’t something most people will see on Facebook right away. We have been testing a number of new features that give people more flexibility when watching videos, whether you’re watching a video in News Feed on-the-go or sitting down to enjoy multiple videos back-to-back. […]We are also starting to test this on the web, and plan to test on Android phones in the coming months.”

Furthermore, Facebook is thinking of taking the whole concept a step further and add as an extra feature the ability to watch a video on a floating window while multitasking on your wall, your conversations, or the News Feed. And on top of that, we have to add an under development feature that will allow the viewer to pause the video and save it in order to watch it later.

So, as mentioned above, this is a time of change for the most popular social network in the world and only time will show whether all those changes will do more good than harm.

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