Sony PlayStation 4 Neo with Virtual Reality and 4K support coming on September 7

Sony will unveil the much-awaited PlayStation 4 Neo on September 7 in New York. The invites have been mailed to all media outlets for the launch of PlayStation 4 Neo, which is likely to be the successor to the PlayStation 4. According to rumors, Apple will also unveil the much-anticipated iPhone 7 on the same day when Sony releases their next generation PlayStation 4 Neo. During the upcoming launch event, which is codenamed as PlayStation Meeting, Sony is planning to share a detailed roadmap regarding the PlayStation business.

Earlier, there were rumors about the release of PlayStation 4 Neo at E3 in June. However, it was not launched but Sony confirmed that Neo will indeed launch sometime this year. As per the latest reports, Sony is gearing up to release PlayStation 4 Neo before the forthcoming holiday season.

It all started with rumors which started to emerge in March about the possible release of PlayStation 4 Neo. The new gaming console is expected to be more powerful than the currently available PlayStation 4. The PlayStation 4 Neo will provide support for demanding games including to PlayStation VR headset.

Sony PlayStation 4 Neo support for Virtual Reality

Nowadays, gamers are investing heavily in the purchase of new graphics cards for their desktops because of the huge demand for Virtual Reality. The VR market is growing day by day with the launch of several new cameras and smartphones with support for VR.

The currently available PlayStation 4 was released three years ago and hence the device has become out-dated. Moreover, it will not fully support the emerging virtual reality games. You need to run games at a constant frame rate of above 60 frames per second to have a smooth and exciting experience.

In Virtual Reality, you need to have a good resolution because the screen in your headset is so close to your face. Even though the existing PS4 will provide support for the PlayStation VR, the PlayStation 4 Neo will change the way we communicate with virtual reality. This is because the gaming console will provide out-of-the-box support for VR technology.

Sony PlayStation 4 Neo – Ideal Companion for your TV

In addition to Virtual Reality, the upcoming PlayStation 4 Neo will be an ideal companion for your smart 4K TV. According to rumors, the new console provides support for 4K movies, TV shows and even games. However, you need not have to expect Neo exclusive games since all the existing games will continue to work with the existing PlayStation 4. We expect Sony to bundle few exclusive games along with the product package.

Microsoft Xbox One Scorpio

Microsoft will also launch a competitor to PlayStation 4 Neo named Xbox One Scorpio. The new Xbox variant will be powerful than the upcoming Neo. However, Microsoft will launch it only after the launch of Sony PS4 Neo.

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