Samsung Galaxy View tablet photos leaked

Samsung ELECT LTD, (NASDAQ: SSNLF)- A slew of images portraying the Galaxy View tablet have been leaked, showcasing every aspect of the device’s hardware.

Remember when a month ago Samsung teased us about a new product, in the end of its IFA 2015 event? The projected images showcased a humongous tablet mounted on a dock named View, leaving the audience wondering which of both products was View; the tablet or the dock?

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A month after, thanks to Samsung related news website, SamMobile, which managed to obtain a handful of images displaying the tablet, we now have a better look at the device.

The images that were published appear to belong to Samsung’s upcoming promotional content for the device, demonstrating the device’s hardware and usability.

What we have managed to figure about the allegedly 18.4-inch beast, is that Samsung is getting rid of its iconic square hard home button. Removing the home button on the particular device is quite rational since it would be an entire feat to press it, due to the tablet’s size.

Instead, Samsung will most likely go with on-screen navigation buttons- also referred to as software buttons.

Relying on the images at hand, we assume that the Galaxy View will boast a built-in dock/stand that folds, which is a must have on the specific device, as it would be impossible to be held in someone’s hands for longer than ten minutes.

On the back panel, a handle has been included as well, a tweak that makes the Galaxy View more convenient to carry around. Samsung flaunts about a full HD front facing camera as well in one of the renders.

Samsung-Galaxy-View-SamMobile_022 Samsung-Galaxy-View-SamMobile_011 Samsung-Galaxy-View-SamMobile_007 Samsung-Galaxy-View-SamMobile_006

So far Samsung has not divulged any info regarding the release date of the device and any of its tech specs- all we have up until now are leaks from here and there. Since 2015 is closing to an end and a Samsung event during the next two months seems unlikely, we speculate that the device will be revealed next year.

What do you think of Samsung’s purported gigantic tablet? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: SamMobile

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