Apple iPhone SE cases and covers available online right now

iphone se cases

The new iPhone SE makes for the perfect device for those who’d prefer it to be of more manageable size. With a 4-inch display, the iPhone SE can be just right for one-handed operation besides being pocket-friendly as well. The device is also quite a looker even though it shares a lot of similarity with … Read more

Apple iPhone 6 explodes, man suffers third-degree burn

iPhone 6 explodes

A biker in Australia recently had his inner thigh severely burnt after the iPhone 6 he was carrying in his back pocket exploded. The incident occurred when Gareth Clear, an avid biker had a fall from his bike, which he chose to describe as just a minor incident. However, the impact, howsoever minor it might … Read more

Android 6.0 Marshmallow update coming to LG G3 smartphone

New leaked documents that have surfaced online suggest that the much-anticipated Android 6.0 Marshmallow update for the LG G3 is finally on its way to release ahead of Christmas. LG’s former flagship, released back in 2014, has been waiting to receive the Android 6.0 Marshmallow update for months now. Rumors intensified during November, when a … Read more

Amazon offers Samsung Galaxy J7 Dual-SIM LTE UNLOCKED post-Cyber Monday deal for $253

The Black Friday, Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday shopping season belongs to the past now, though, duly to Christmas being just around the corner, the deals spirit has been maintained throughout all major retailers. Amazon, which offered the best deals during the aforementioned season, has the nifty mid-range Samsung Galaxy J7 (J700M), 16GB internal storage, factory unlocked, … Read more

Did Google Inc. break its promise of not tracking school kids?

Internet privacy is a major right for every user that surfs the internet nowadays. Countless disputes on such topics have found their way to the court room, which indicates the significance of the specific subject. Google, has now risen a wave of criticism, as the giant tech company is believed to have been keeping record … Read more

Cyber Monday deals on Samsung Galaxy Gear S2 smartwatch and Gear VR

Samsung revealed the second generation of its Gear S smartwatch line-up, which consists of two devices, the Gear S2 and the more stylish Gear S2 Classic, giving Apple’s iWatch a run for its money. The company also launched its much-touted Gear VR Innovator Edition, virtual reality machine, Samsung’s seconf entry in the field, which is … Read more

Apple iPhone 8 to release with glove-friendly display

Apple Inc. has just published a pattern application which regards a sort of technology that makes the iPhone’s display glove-friendly, meaning that users will be now able to use their iPhone and have their gloves on. Besides the poor battery performance, one of the major flaws that diminish the practicality of the iPhone is the lack … Read more

Black Friday 2015 streaming devices: Amazon Fire TV stick, Roku 3, Apple TV and Google Chromecast deals are live

Online streaming of TV series and movies is a system that has been originally developed by Netflix – which recently managed to overcome YouTube in terms of viewership – and now is slowly killing the good old cable that cost a fortune and offered significantly less. With the above facts being taken under consideration and … Read more

Samsung Galaxy S7 SPECS RUMOR says it will feature microSD

A new report from Italy has surfaced online suggesting that the forthcoming Samsung flagship, the Galaxy S7, will feature microSD internal storage expansion feature. As 2015 is drawing to an end, new leaks emerge every day shedding more light onto the specs and release date of one of the hottest smartphone of the season. When … Read more

Huawei Mate 8 photos leaked: 6 FEATURES REVEALED!

Huawei’s upcoming flagship phablet, the Mate 8, will be released by the end of the week and prior to its circulation, the spotlight was attracted by a handful of leaked pictures that displayed not one, not two, but six key features that the device will most likely embody. Scroll down for the images EMUI 4.0 … Read more