Samsung Galaxy S7 specs rumor says it WON’T feature new design

A new report has emerged online suggesting that the forthcoming Galaxy S7 won’t feature new design aesthetic, as formerly claimed from sources, but, on the contrary, it will maintain the most fundamental design cues from its predecessor, the Galaxy S6. As 2015 is drawing to an end, the rumor mill is being more and more … Read more

Leaked AnTuTu Benchmark test shows Galaxy S7 SoC JAW-DROPPING performance

Samsung received a lot of criticism prior to revealing the detailed specs of its much-anticipated Galaxy S7. Now, things seem to be falling in place, as the device went through AnTuTu benchmarks and thanks to the newly unveiled Exynos 8 Octa 8890 SoC, it delivered astonishing results. The Galaxy A7 also made it to the … Read more

Samsung Galaxy S7 SPECS RUMOR says it will feature microSD

A new report from Italy has surfaced online suggesting that the forthcoming Samsung flagship, the Galaxy S7, will feature microSD internal storage expansion feature. As 2015 is drawing to an end, new leaks emerge every day shedding more light onto the specs and release date of one of the hottest smartphone of the season. When … Read more

Samsung Galaxy S7 Vs Galaxy S6: Price, Specs, Design and Availability COMPARED

Samsung’s flagship Android smartphone, Galaxy S7, will be released in a few months, so we put it head to head against the current Galaxy S6 handset. Getting the latest generation of smartphones from a certain series does not always go hand in hand with owning the best smartphone in the market as well. There are … Read more

Samsung Galaxy S7/Galaxy S7 Edge RELEASE DATE rumor: February 21st

A new rumor has surfaced on the internet suggesting that Samsung’s upcoming Android flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S7, will be released on February 21st. As 2015 is drawing to an end, it is logical for the rumor mill to be flooded with intel regarding Samsung’s jewelry for 2016. The South Koren tech giant usually unveils … Read more

Samsung Galaxy S7 Android 6.0 Marshmallow rumors: Price, Specs, Release date and Availability

The Samsung Galaxy S7 is still quite a few months away from release, but it has already created some excitement in the tech world, and stirred up controversy, so we gather all the rumors currently available in the web to figure out the smartphone’s specs, price, release date and availability. Samsung has confirmed that the … Read more

Analyst says Samsung will shut down phone business in 5 years

A new report has emerged online suggesting that Samsung will be ceasing operations of its mobile division within the next five years. The Korean tech giant is the second player in the global smartphone market, right behind Apple’s iPhone dominance. Its flagship Galaxy S line-up is considered one of the most powerful and premium, in … Read more

Samsung Galaxy View tablet photos leaked

Samsung ELECT LTD, (NASDAQ: SSNLF)- A slew of images portraying the Galaxy View tablet have been leaked, showcasing every aspect of the device’s hardware. Remember when a month ago Samsung teased us about a new product, in the end of its IFA 2015 event? The projected images showcased a humongous tablet mounted on a dock … Read more

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge concept images reveal new design

Samsung ELECT LTD, (NASDAQ: SSNLF)- A set of pictures portraying the Galaxy S7 Edge that have surfaced online showcase a potential design strategy for the upcoming smartphone. For yet another time during this week, the South Korean-based tech giant is making headlines with its forthcoming Galaxy S flagship line-up. In the past few days we … Read more

Samsung Galaxy S7 rumors claim it will feature a USB Type-C port

Samsung ELECT LTD, (NASDAQ: SSNLF)- A report published by tech blog SamMobile suggests that the Galaxy S7 smartphone will be featuring a Type-C port instead of a microUSB one. There has been a lot of buzz surrounding Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S7 smartphone lately. Yesterday, citing a Chinese source, we reported that the device has a … Read more