How Technology is Shaping the Key Ingredients of Biological Experimentation

Ingredients of Biological Experimentation

The key ingredients for a controlled biological experiment haven’t changed much throughout the course of history: variable and control groups for experimentation, and the ability to verify outcomes through repetition. What has changed are the ways in which we fulfill those important pillars for experimentation. Scientists have better access to biological samples, enabling a wider … Read more

Staying Hydrated with the Smart Water Bottle

Everyone knows the importance of drinking an adequate amount of water each day yet most fall short. Especially during the hot summer months when people are active and sweating more than usual, proper hydration is essential. Without drinking an appropriate amount of water, there is risk of overheating and other health-related problems. To remind people … Read more

Material to Make Computers Energy Efficient By 100 Times Developed


Researchers have developed a modern material an innovative material named as ma magnetoelectric multiferroic that utilizes approx 100 times less power than the recent used computer elements. This technological innovation may turn into a perfect solution for solving issues of power management. Moreover, the vital benefit is computing devices can last long number of day … Read more

PSLV-C35 Carrying Eight Satellites Including SCATSAT-1 Takes Off From Sriharikota

PSLV-C35 Carrying Eight Satellites Including SCATSAT

ISRO on Monday lifted off its Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV-C35) at 9.12am carrying eight satellites at Satish Dhawan Space Centre in Sriharikota .While the advanced weather satellite named as SCATSAT-1 was successfully positioned in to the orbit, just after 17 minutes from the takeoff of PSLV-C35. This is Isro’s longest ever launch mission. As … Read more

NASA Curiosity Rover is using AI to pick target on Mars

NASA Curiosity Rover

After nearly four years of deployment, the Curiosity rover mission launched by NASA is reportedly making scientific decisions on its own with the help of AEGIS software. According to reports, the Martian explorer integrated with the Curiosity rover mission currently fetches few rock targets to collide with the laser on its ChemCam instrument with the … Read more

NASA’s EPIC presents time-lapse video of Earth Spin an entire year


NASA has released a spectacular time-lapse video of the Earth prepared with images captured by the Earth Polychromatic Imaging Camera (EPIC). In 365 days, more than three thousand images have been captured by the camera. EPIC is a climate observing camera placed on NASA’s Deep Space Climate Observatory (DSCOVR) satellite placed about one million miles … Read more