NASA Kepler K2 mission confirms existence of 100+ Exoplanets

According to latest reports, an international team of astronomers comprising of researchers and scientists with the assistance of NASA’s Kepler K2 mission have discovered a treasure trove, which confirms the existence of 100+ Exoplanets. Even though the Kepler K2 mission unraveled 197 initial planets, the scientists who participated in the discovery confirmed the presence of … Read more

NASA continues to explore solar system in depth


National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is currently exploring the behavior of our solar system to fetch answers to basic questions such as how humans came to the earth, where humans are going. Moreover, the US-based space agency is also gearing up to find whether humans are alone in the universe. These experiments are reportedly … Read more

Newly discovered smart pressure sensors are inspired by octopus


A team of researchers based in Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST) and Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST) has reportedly developed a flexible pressure smart adhesive sensor by imitating the suction cups on octopus’s tentacles. They explained the various techniques used to study the adhesive mechanism of octopus suckers, which are used … Read more

New Obama Initiative – Computer Science for ALL

President Barack Obama announced in his final State of the Union address that more “hands-on” computer science training classes were coming to our schools. A new initiative announced Saturday will send $4 billion in grants to states and $100 million in competitive grants to school districts to create a new era of fully trained students … Read more

Ancient Babylonians Traced Jupiter With Complex Geometry

Ancient Babylonians are now credited for using geometry to trace the planets 1400 years before the technique was to be invented in Europe. Who Tracked Jupiter First? It has been widely accepted that Europeans had traced the night sky for us using complex mathematics in the fourteenth century…until today. It now been discovered that ancient … Read more

AEREO – Here to WiFi Your City with Starry

Chet Kanojia, founder of AERO, announces new start-up – called Starry – that will WiFi our entire cities, faster than wired broadband, at fractions of the cost. The company announced that it is ready to take on the country’s biggest Internet providers and convert our cities to a faster wireless connection that will be available … Read more