World First Hydrogen Train Will Serve In Germany

The first ever passenger train powered completely by hydrogen was unveiled at Berlin Inno Trans trade show. Germany will put this hydrogen train or  ”hydrail” into the service as an alternative for existing fleet of diesel trains.

The Hydrail runs on the principle of electricity generated by fuel cell powered by hydrogen fuel tank. The hydrogen fuel tanks are placed on the roof, which is supplied to mechanism where the hydrogen comes into contact with oxygen and reacts. Hence as a result a charge is generated and supplied to the power cell. This stores the energy in lithium ion batteries and transmission is passed as per the operations.

Hydrogen Train Will Serve In Germany

After two years in development, the “Coradia iLint” train offers zero-emissions; the train is denoted as Coradia iLint.

These trains and others similar to it kind, may play vital role to reduce green house gas emissions from the transportation.  The Coradia iLint will be the first of its kind to migrate passenger along the railway. It has the carrying capacity of 300 passengers. And can run for 600 to 800 km per/full tank.

Compared to diesel engines, Hydrail are much silent the only sound can be heard is of air resistance and motion of wheels.

As other Hydrail innovations is sustainable solution for non electrified networks. Hence, we can say that it is a complete solution based on clean energy

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