Touchscreen that turns your Raspberry Pi into a tablet revealed

UK- Inelco Hunter Ltd. A touchscreen that turns your Raspberry Pi computer into a tablet has been finally unveiled, retailing for 48 pounds (US$60).

Raspberry Pie is a series of tiny single-board computers that allow children to learn how to build a computer or code while they have also contributed to the development of home or garden automation.

For only around US$30, the user can literally make anything; from turning your normal TV to a smart one, to building robots and much more.

Though, consumer electronics are dominated by devices featuring touchscreens for years now; including smartphones, tablets, PCs even MP4s. So what if you could finally make your beloved tiny gadget operate through a touchscreen?

The UK-based Inelco Hunter has just revealed the official touchscreen for the Raspberry Pi. What we are talking about here is a 7-inch device with an RGB 800×480 display (@60fps, 24-bit colour, 70 degree viewing angle, ten-finger capacitive screen) that essentially allows the user to turn its Raspberry Pi into a tablet or a touch-based control panel for home automation and such.

The first batch of units requires the customer to assemble the device though in the upcoming weeks it will come ready straight out of the box.

Is my Raspberry compatible with the screen?

According to the maker, the display fits with Raspberry Pi 2 Model B, and Raspberry Pi Model B+ and A+. While the device will technically work with the Model A and Model B boards the mounting holes located on the back of the display will solely line up with he A+, B+, and Pi2 newer board design.

How do I connect the display to my Raspberry Pi?

The set-up procedure is actually pretty easy as all the user has to do is plug in the ribbon cable provided by the display to the DSI port of the Raspberry Pi, while the adapter board is used to power the device.

Source: Inelco Hunter

Staff writer at Technology News Extra.

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