StrongLoop acquired by IBM to strengthen the Node.js expertise

ARMONK, NY- International Business Machines Corporation (NASDAQ: IBM)  IBM proceeded to the purchase of StrongLoop, a software startup based in San Mateo, California. The financial terms of the deal still remain under the shadows.

StrongLoop provides developers with tools to help them connect enterprise applications to mobile, the Internet of Things (IoT) and Web applications in the cloud, offering Node.js capabilities, while it is a main contributor to the Node community.

For the less familiar ones, Node.js is an open-source JavaScript programming language that IBM hopes to use in the apps developing process that will allow them to store and manipulate larger bulks of data.

Marie Wieck, general manager of middleware for IBM Systems, stated:

“Enterprises are focused on digital transformation to reach new channels, tap new business models, and personalize their engagement with clients. APIs are a critical ingredient. By bringing together StrongLoop’s Node.js capabilities to rapidly create APIs with IBM’s leadership in Java and API Management on our cloud platform, we are unlocking the innovation potential of two vibrant development communities.”

The purchase was not random. IBM seems to be watching close the Node community, it stood as a founding sponsor of the Node Foundation last year and now with StrongLoop on its side of the team, the company can add it to its portfolio of software packages, including MobileFirst DataPower, Worklight and WebSphere.

Additionally, Juan Carlos Soto, CEO of StrongLoop, mentioned in a statement:

“With this acquisition, the industry benefits from Node.js’ formal entry into the mainstream enterprise. As one of the leaders in the Node.js open community, together we plan to further advance open, community-driven innovation coupled with global, enterprise class software and services offerings to grow client value in the API economy.”

All in all, this is a strong purchase made by IBM, which will help developers to take better advantage of the enterprise data and conduct transactions whether in the cloud or on premises.

For the record, it is mentioned that in 2012, the Fortune magazine ranked IBM the No. 4 largest company in terms of market capitalization.

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