Samsung Galaxy Note 7 price, release date in Europe: Flagship coming on September 2

Samsung has just finished introducing us to the newest member of the Galaxy Note family. The Galaxy Note 7 is the latest flagship smartphone of the company. The newly launched phone will arrive at Europe right at the beginning of the next month.

In the USA, the Galaxy Note 7 is scheduled to be up for pre-order from today itself and the phone will be available for purchase from 19th of this month. While, people in Europe have to wait for some more time in order to get their hands on the Note 7. Europeans will be able to pre-order the handset from 16th August and the phone is expected to go on sale from 2nd September.

The predecessor of Note 7, the Galaxy Note 5 was also miserably late to enter Europe. The phone went on sale in the European continent months after it launched. Samsung had planned to sell the S6 Edge+ as the sole flagship phablet in the continent. But low sales number forced the company to bring the Note 5 to Europe. It is quite evident this time, that the Korean giant has learnt his lesson. This year, the Note 7 will be sold in Europe within two weeks of its US availability.

The latest smartphone is presumed to be priced a bit higher in the Europe than in the States. A revelation from some online dealer suggests that the Galaxy Note will be priced £699 or about $932 for retail purchase. In comparison, the phone is going to be sold from $834 in the US.

European purchasers will also get different free accessories bundled with their Galaxy Note 7. In the States, Samsung is offering a Gear Fit 2 along with a 256 GB microSD card to early purchasers of the smartphone. However, in Europe, you have to choose between a 256 GB microSD card and a latest Gear VR. This is not still officially confirmed by Samsung.

The Note 7 is a mighty device which appear very similar to the previous S7 Edge on the paper but actually has a lot more to offer. It comes with a highly advanced Iris scanning capability. The smartphone sports a first of a kind HDR display panel to provide outstanding color and contrast balance. The Note 7 is the first device to pack in the brand new Gorilla Glass 5. The Note 7 is also Samsung’s first smartphone to sport a USB 3.1 Type-C port.

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