Pagers to buzz in the 2017 technology market

Do you remember the pager we saw in the hands of the doctors in the movies? Of course, we do. Once considered to be a cool and classy gadget, pager made people feel important and rich. Though its use has reduced in a couple of years after the invention of the mobile phones and other smart technologies, it is still considered to be one of the best inventions till date.

Speaking of network range, the mobile phones may end up with a jam in the network but it’s not the case with the pager. The pagers nowadays have a GPS tracker and also help you reply. Vodafone was the last provider of the pagers and has now sold its business to Capita.

But who is using it today? Definitely, the people in Britain are going to answer “We”. Pagers are considered to be robust and reliable in terms of battery life and network range. The companies such as EDF Energy still use pagers to alert their staff members. The birdwatchers often use the paging services such as Bird Information and Rare Bird Alert for sending information across to others about new sightings. The medics or emergency service providers especially the ambulances make use of the pagers on a high scale. Pagers deliver messages in three levels, that is, green for “for information”, red for “I need to deal with it”, and amber for “I might need to do something”.

The major advantage of the pagers is that people take notice of the messages or calls received which doesn’t happen in the case of mobile phones during certain occasions. Thus, the return of the pagers to this era is going to change people’s perceptive.

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