Facebook deletes account post mother’s complaint

Well, you heard it right!!! But don’t start cooking things in the air. Let us give you a brief about what exactly happened here. This is a case that originated in London. Facebook, the leading social media platform, recently deleted two accounts when a mother of 3-year old complained. The complaint was about stolen pics of her son.

Well, starting from the beginning, images of a 3-year-old named Jasper Allen were stolen. These images were taken when he was a year old. At that time, he was suffering from a serious case of chicken pox. After stealing these images, it was posted on the social media platform Facebook with a false post claiming that the child had cancer.


The post also made users comment and like the pic, claiming that Facebook will donate a certain amount of money for the treatment. This resulted in nothing but getting more than a million reactions to the pic.

Sarah Allen, mother of Jasper, complained Facebook about this many time. Facebook then took a glance at this matter and deleted the account of the associated. But it was later found that the account was still activated.

Facebook had just deleted the post and not the account. But due to constant pressure from the Sarah, the company had to delete the account of the associated.

Well, this tells us one thing for sure—be careful when online. Your pics can be used anywhere for any purpose. So it is better to stay safe and to be alert.

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