Chuck those premium streaming sites and enjoy these free online movie sources

Is boredom killing you? Wish to watch some movies online but the premium streaming sites are charging for their services and you don’t wish to spend some? There are some best alternatives to skip these chargeable entertainment sources.

These free movie sites will just cost you your popcorn and internet connection.

Hoopla Digital

Hoopla is digital media service which enables the user to browse through an enormous collection of movies and such stuff. It works on the terms of library regulations of borrowing and it is also associated with your library. It’s like borrowing a book, reading it, and returning it to the library, Just it has a specific duration of 72 hours to watch the desired movie. It can be used on PC, android and iOS devices and also has an offline download function.

Internet Archives

It allows the user to stream movies with normal requirement of a compatible browser. You even don’t have to create and account unless you don’t wish to create some favorites.


Walmart-owned video service which silently introduced “Movie on Us” enables viewers to take a tour of a huge database of movies with no charge. It asks you to register for the Vudu account.  The movies from Vudu can be viewed on any streaming devices such as game consoles, mobiles, and of course your personal computer. Offline viewing feature is also enabled for the movies that fall under the premium category.

Other options also comprise the world’s famous video streaming platform-YouTube. It isn’t explained in details, as YouTube service is more famous than other players.

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