Neurotrack Introduces A Brain Health App Which Alerts Us When Memory Decreases

People out there once a while act like dumb, no matter if he/she is a genius or normal kid. Human brain also drains sometimes due to constant heavy duty tasks performed.

In order to indicate the memory status and human brain syndromes, and reveal secrecy, a Californian startup known as Neurotrack Systems has developed a brain and fitness app that can be accessed via website.


The early method involved the procedure in which the sign of decreased cognition was concluded based on the eye movement while watching simple images on the screens, for duration of 30 minutes with availability of expensive equipment only at doctors’ facility.

According to the CEO and founder Elli Kaplan, the operating time for the analysis has been reduced to 5 minutes which can be done at anyone’s home sweet home.

The app majorly operates based on technological advancements such as data analytics, machine learning, and vital one eye-tracking technology. Sounds great right?

For now, the first test from Neurotrack app is free for the users around the globe. Ultimately, there will be cost charged by the company for improving the cognition and for long-term brain strength examining.

The founder said, “We would love to see the effectiveness of the app, specifically in those intricate areas where the healthcare facilities are very less and are unaffordable for the people living on the average fixed incomes”.

Thus for the further expansion and development of the app, Neurotrack has raised a total funding of $1 Million from Johnson & Johnson, NIH, and Georgia Research Alliance.

Let’s see how much useful this app will be in future and what more advancements are there to come.

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