Meet ‘Jarvis’, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s AI-based personal assistant

Have seen the Iron Man series? If yes, you must be familiar with ‘Jarvis’, the artificial intelligence system of Tony. Well, inspired and based on the same AI, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg introduced his personal AI to the world yesterday. The AI is also named as ‘Jarvis’. It is capable to turn on lights, play and choose music, and recognize visitors to decide whether to open the front door or not.

Jarvis can be a step towards the new era. Mark claims that he has invented this AI in his spare time and has spent only 100 hours over the last one year in its creation. While the other personal AI assistance from companies such as Google Inc. and Inc. were busy selling products such as VR headsets and drones, Jarvis is totally made for home. Mark had set a challenge for himself about the development of Jarvis, which he has accomplished successfully.

While the development of Jarvis, Mark found that humanity is too far from the future. He mentioned that mankind is both—much farther and as closer in reality. Now this is something confusing and out of syllabus.

Well, with gadgets getting smarter and smarter every day, the AI has added up more to the tech world. What are your thoughts on this topic friends? Will the invention of AIs in future will be more effective? Is this beneficial for mankind? Do let us know your views on this. Feel free to share your thoughts and comments.

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