Google and VMware extend their joint venture to improve Chrome OS

Google, the popular technological giant, is famous for its contribution in operating systems and technological inventions. Speaking of the operating systems, Google’s Android operating system is the famous and top operating system in the world. Almost all the smartphones, except for the iPhones that operate on iOS, function and run on the Android operating system designed and developed by Google. Currently, the latest operating system that the company has rolled out for Android is Android O.

The reason why we are focusing on operating systems is: VMware, global provider of cloud services, last week extended its joint venture with Google to pace up the acceptance of Chromebooks.

With the help of its “Workspace ONE” platform that combines managing of endpoint for IT, VMware will allow safe and sound authentications of applications on a single click for organizations installing these laptops. “VMware has been operational with Google ever since 2015 to provide safe and sound Android applications and devices, most lately with superior sustainability for Android Enterprise,” claimed Senior Vice President of VMware, Sumit Dhawan, to the media.

The two firms also worked together on improvements to amalgamate traditional applications of Android. “From Windows to mobile apps, this joint venture with VMware and the amalgamation with VMware Workspace One will permit our users to securely and simply install applications on devices running on Chrome OS,” claimed Director of Product Management for Chrome OS of Google, Rajen Sheth.

As per the popular market research company International Data Corporation, ecosystems of application are a chief factor responsible for the growth in the Chrome OS application ecosystem and success of an endpoint operating system that has enhanced the excellence of the user experience with the platform.

“Accumulating VMware Workspace ONE to additional support to the delivery and management of business applications to Chrome OS gadgets is a rational move to the fore,” said Programme Director of International Data Corporation, Phil Hochmuth.

For now, one thing is pretty clear that this joint venture between Google and VMware is surely going to boost the quality of devices running on the Chrome OS. So, all the users using such devices, gear for a better experience.

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