Instant Apps by Google now accessible to all Android developers

Google always has some or the other project constantly going on with an intention to enhance their technology and avail to their users for a better experience. Google had declared about its project last year, called as Instant Apps, at a conference. The main goal of this project is to viaduct the gap between web apps and mobile apps. This will facilitate the use of the native apps almost instantaneously, merely by clicking on a URL, without the need to install the app itself. This basically will make the native apps to be loaded as fast as the web page.

Let’s have a glimpse what else does Instant Apps has to offer.

Android apps without installation

Android Instant Apps enable the users to experience immersive and beautiful apps, with smooth animations and material design, without the need of installing the apps on their devices.

Existing app is upgraded

The functionality of the Android Instant Apps is not a new, distinct app but just an update to the existing Android app. It is the similar Android APIs, the same source code, and the same project. Android Studio offers the tools required to modularize the app so that the users can load only the section of the instant app that they require and when they require it.

Access from anywhere

The users can get to the flagship Android experience of any developer from any URL, including messaging, social media, search, and other deep links, without the need to install the app first.

Works on the latest android devices

Android Instant Apps are supported by the latest Android devices from Android 6.0 to Android O, almost in more than 40 countries. It will also be shortly launched in more countries and devices, including extending support to API level 21, Android 5.0 devices soon.

Instant App can be opened by simply tapping a URL even if the user does not have the full installed version of the app. And exiting the Instant App means it is basically gone. It theoretically lives on in the cache for some hours, if the user wants to open a new such link once more, but there is no app on the home screen. Space can be reclaimed by Android if needed. And, if the user wants to keep it, the full app can be installed by them with the use of the Install button present in the top right corner of the instant app.

What is your opinion regarding the Instant Apps?

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