Worst Android Phones of All Time

It is not necessary that each smartphone should be a success. There are some smartphones that were disasters. Many of you must not be aware of those, but such smartphones did launch in the past. Let us have a look at those phones.

HTC Thunderbolt

Thunderbolt, by HTC, was one of the worst phones that people encountered. It was ruthlessly underpowered phone with low battery backup. It had only 1,400mAh of battery. The phone ran on the same old hardware as its predecessor EVO 4G. It would be wrong to say that people did not like the phone. In fact, people were so furious that they widely loathed it.

Motorola Backflip

In late 2009, the company announced 2 smartphones which were very early for the Androids. One was the unsuccessful Motorola Cliq, and the other was the hugely successful Motorola Droid. For one or the other reasons, the company used this device as a prototype for other handsets in 2010 that went fail. Amongst, these devices, the Backflip went terribly horrible one. The phone had a keyboard, which can be folded backward and was visible on the back of the handset when it was closed. The software was also horrible.

HTC First

We guess that HTC, in past, took oath to launch horrible cell phones. HTC first was also another device from the company that went horribly wrong for the same reason as HTC Thunderbolt.

Well, this concludes our list. These were some outstanding failures in the world of smartphones. Do you have any additions to the list OR did you own any one of the above? Do let us know…

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