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There is absolutely no question that the demand of cloud solutions is growing and growing strong, both for the existing and the new MS Dynamics customers. To encounter on the same level as the Netsuite, cloud giant, MS has introduced their latest player to the SMB ERP market place and it is more than just a change of name.

MS Dynamics 365 business central is the latest SMB ERP offering from Microsoft. It is now becoming commonly available in nineteen countries around the world as on October, 2018. It works as a new name for the Dynamics 365 for operations and finance and also as the business edition and official name of Dynamic 365 of Microsoft “Tenerife” project.  Business central has since then brought full NAV functionality to a SaaS environment and takes place as the future of MS Dynamics NAV roadmap, while offering hybrid and on-premises deployment and cloud options as part of the broader MS Dynamics 365 solution offering.

Link and see your business prosper

Grow and prosper beyond the limits of your common accounting software. Use Dynamics 365 centrals your all-in one business management solution which is easy and convenient in adapting and using and aid you in connecting your business and making smarter and wiser decisions.

–          Managing financials

Increase financial report and close with accuracy along with ensuring compliance.

–          Secure and automate your supply chain

Enhance your business visibility in your supply chain & get more control over your buying method.

–          Sell smartly and improve the customer service

Inflate your revenue opportunities and better deliver the clients with built-in endorsements.

–          Keep projects under project and on time

Monitor the progress and manage budget of your projects with the real-time data on the available resources.

–          Advance your operations

Conduct your warehousing and manufacturing operations for delivering products on time and decrease costs.

Exigently, MS Dynamics 365 Business central runs on precisely the same code – base as a conventional on- premise NAV deployment. This guarantees complete regularity between the cloud versions and on premise. What this means for you is that you can converse and transit between business central and NAV on- premise with relative ease.

Dynamics 365 business central is the next-gen of the Dynamics NAV, one of the chief an dwell-known MS business app products, which has served 1 lac 40 thousand customers & millions of users across the globe. Dynamics 365 business central is an acutely flexible solution, conveniently adaptable to the requirements of industries, geographies and individual customers.

The main investments MS are making in this release are inclusive of the following:

  1. One full suite of app functionality in cloud.
  2. A contemporary and refreshed user experience, optimized for productivity and insights.
  3. An expansible platform by using the applications from AppSource.

It is however, important to understand that the licenses for the business central come in 3 kinds: Essential, Team Member and Premium. Whichever license you select will define what all features you can access, surprisingly, Premium license has more capabilities than Essential.

Your business is one of a kind and the way you work is what has made you so successful. MS Dynamics business central is designed for augmenting the way of your working, and not changing it. You can optimize the business method which make your offering the best and stands you out from your competition.

Some Dynamics NAV partners are not completely ready for embracing Dynamics 35 Business central. Nonetheless, they perceive an enhanced demand for cloud ERP. With some Partners though, all the Dynamics partner can leverage the power of the cloud for their present NAV app.

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