Play (Almost) Every Expansion of World of Warcraft with a Subscription

Gone are the days of saving up for the next expansion of World of Warcraft. Now you can play through all the previous expansions, from The Burning Crusaderight up to Legion. All you need is a subscription.

Of course, you’ll still have to buy the newest expansion to play it. If you still need convincing, think of the cost of buying each expansion on top of the base game. Then, compare it to a subscription. Keep in mind that WoW Gold farming is way different from real money farming.  Also, provided you could afford it in-game, you can keep up your subscription just by buying tokens in the Auction House.

World of Warcraft with a Subscription

What Does This Mean for Gamers?

This means the more players, the more potential friends—and possibly even enemies. It opens the doors to a wider audience. Take for example those turned off by buying expansions as they come. Now, all they have to do is pay for a subscription, and they can play through the content of six expansion packs. Who knows? You might be able to convince that one friend who has been adamantly refusing to join.

New players can also catch up easier, bringing a wave of fresh blood who could buy the most recent expansion. It’s a good move for Blizzard, as it may even create a chain reaction of more and more novice players getting into the game.

In fact, it may even catch the attention of ‘retired’ players and make them return to Azeroth. They could have quit for various reasons, but this cheaper alternative to getting expansions may induce them to give it another go—even if it’s just to catch up with the story.

Let’s Play World of Warcraft!

Battle of Azeroth has been live since August 14! Play now to get the best of the WoW experience. There is fourteen years’ worth of content to catch up on. Get the expansion as well, if preferred. Otherwise, if enough time passes, the newest expansion can be added to the available expansions in this promo. Considering that it took the game years to get to this point, this is quite unlikely.

If you’ve been playing religiously, go tell your friends about this sweet deal. There’s plenty of time to go forth and enjoy World of Warcraft and its various new features with friends—both old and new!

Snippet/Summary: All of WoW’s older expansions are available through a subscription. It’s time to invite friends to join your adventures in raiding, hunting, or farming WoW gold. Go and enjoy World of Warcraft!

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