Uber drivers will now use TomTom’s navigation system

Uber has stricken a deal with Dutch navigation and mapping  software developer, TomTom, so its drivers will make use of the programs to take customers to the right place on time.

The US-based transportation network has been making efforts to upgrade its mapping and navigation resources for a year now, with the first candidate being Nokia’s world renowned Here Maps software, where the US$2 billion bid wasn’t enough- the consortium of Germany-based BMW, Volkswagen and Daimler automakers have successfully acquired Nokia’s mapping business.

Uber’s mapping tools were so far based on Google Maps for the most part, which will not be supplanted by the new player, on the contrary, the company’s plan is to somehow merge these two for improved performance.

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TomTom’s managing director of Maps and Licensing, Charles Cautley, said in a statement regarding the event:

“We are excited to provide Uber with our best-in-class location data. TomTom is a truly independent map provider with the platform for the future. With this platform, TomTom is the trusted partner for innovative and future proof location technology for the global automotive and consumer technology industry.”

A respective press release on November 12 reads as following:

“TomTom’s advanced map-making technology, combined with its world class traffic information, will ensure Uber has a seamless navigation experience, accurate arrival times and efficient journeys in more than 300 cities around the world,”

The deal that has been sealed between the two companies is a multi-year one, allowing Uber to license mapping and traffic data from TomTom in more than 300 cities that is currently operating.

Further intel regarding the price of the deal have not been disclosed yet, though we should note that this partnership is mutually beneficial as Uber will be enhancing its navigating resources to a substantial degree, while TomTom will be gaining significant exposure that will prove useful for upcoming collaborations like the aforementioned.

Source: TomTom, press release

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