Two Pioneering Technologies That Are Crowd Funded For Now

While we are busy into our own world of imagination, some techno freak peoples are doing some marvelous innovation to ease the world and transform it like the transformers in the movie. The word digital has almost covered the earth’s diameter and now it’s in process to rule the planets revolving outside in the solar system (It might take a long time span though).

Two Pioneering Technologies That Are Crowd Funded For Now

We do have some of the technological ideas that are financially backed through crowd funding for now, but the coming years might bring them a great exposure in the technological platform.

Titan Note

Have you ever been through a situation that you are in some meeting, classroom, lectures and you miss out the important topic the speaker just said? I believe everyone has gone through it. Titan Note is recording device that is structured cylindrically. It is equipped with noise cancelling microphones, USB port and speaker. A onetime full charge can record for 55 hours.  The best part is the device can be connected to the android and iOS phones through and app that converts the whole recording into text format. It supports 10 languages and can distinguish and analyze person’s voice who speaks. Other features include music play for 30 hours, water resistant, USB port to charge the cell phone.

Juiced–Wireless Charger pad

Do you see your phone battery about to die whenever you are out of house? Yes off course, we every time witness these situations, as we are humans. Juiced wireless charging pad won’t allow your battery to get drain. The batteries having extended charging tip auto connects with any android and iOS device. It needs no cables, has no downtime, and it is compatible any smartphone. It can power up to 3 phones at a time and it can charge the phones with USB cable too.

So do check these high tech devices and if it meets your demand, for sure go for it.


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