TRAI’s Mycall App Lets the User Evaluate the Voice Call Quality

Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has recently announced that it will be soon launching an application that evaluates the quality of voice call. It will let the customers to rate the quality of service after ending the voice call. The roll out of MyCall app will also aid in enhancing the rate of call drop and improve the service provider’s quality for consumer experience.

TRAI’s Mycall App Lets the User Evaluate the Voice Call Quality

RS Sharma, Chairman, TRAI, asserted that the MyCall app will function on crowd-sourcing platform. By this, the subscribers will be capable of selecting the digit of voice calls they wish to give a rating for the quality of service. The rating will be between 1 star and 5 stars, where 1 star refers to poor quality, whereas the later 5 stars refer to very good quality.

The launch of the new MyCall app will be followed by the introduction of the MySpeed app. This app will gather data speed from customers all over the country to grade telecom operators on the basis of network speed and quality. At present, there are almost 1.2 Billion users of mobile phones in India, and it can be great information even if a small fraction of them can give feedback, according to RS Sharma.

Also the information available on the analytics portal of TRAI that has network utilization, tower-wise call strength and drop rate, and data speeds, and also that on MySpeed app will be accessible for third-party use, such as investigators and other firms. For the evaluation of the call quality, the app will have numerous settings as well as parameter disclosures.

Apart from this, the existing “Do not disturb” app will also be enhanced. The app will supposedly have extra intelligence incorporated to identify spam text messages among all text messages received by the consumer and propose the subscriber that it may be spam, in a way assisting the users in sorting out spam messages. However, the improvement will be restricted to only text messages as it is not possible for the analytics to anticipate the type of calls coming in.

So, how much useful this app will be for the subscribers? What is your opinion about it?

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