A technology that helps you feel touch when far-off

Don’t you want to feel connected no matter where ever you go? The scientists in the Carman Neustaedter’s Simon Fraser University lab are making this dream come true. We are always thinking about ways to walk hand in hand, watch movies, massage each other and spending more time with each other.

According to the researchers, “It’s all about feeling connected.” The researchers have found a way to feel touched even far away from each other. The interconnected glove’s named “Flex-N-Feel” which is a designed pair of gloves was developed in the Neustaedter’s lab.

The glove on one partner’s hand when flexed is felt by the other partner wearing it through just an action transmission which is just a subtle way of mimicking touch. The movements can be felt and captured by tactile sensors attached to the microcontroller present on the glove. Each movement or bend is valued and transmitted to the glove via WiFi module. The sensors are present on the palm and fingers along with a soft switch at the side, which help feel the touch. The gloves can be used to hug, hold hands, touch the face, and much more.

The Flex-N-Feel gloves are still undergoing certain tests in its prototype phase. The gloves allow the remote partners to share touch at the same time.

Speaking of long distance relationships, the gloves have proved that long distance doesn’t mean missing out on touch or physical presence.

Hence, even though if people can’t be together, the new technological solutions, for instance Flex-N-Feel, help you be together.

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