Transistors get more shrunk by IBM scientists

ARMONK, NY- International Business Machines Corporation (NASDAQ: IBM) The technology giant has managed to develop a set of transistors that are even smaller than previous generations. In the semiconductor industry, scientists and engineers are striving to make transistors smaller and smaller. However, there is what is known among those people as the “red brick wall”, … Read more

StrongLoop acquired by IBM to strengthen the Node.js expertise

ARMONK, NY- International Business Machines Corporation (NASDAQ: IBM)  IBM proceeded to the purchase of StrongLoop, a software startup based in San Mateo, California. The financial terms of the deal still remain under the shadows. StrongLoop provides developers with tools to help them connect enterprise applications to mobile, the Internet of Things (IoT) and Web applications … Read more

IBM Pours Money Into Big Data

IBM has announced that the company will be investing a considerable sum of money into a new open-source project for real-time data analysis called Apache Spark. IBM plans to have more than 3,500 developers and researchers working on projects related to the Spark technology and open a Spark technology center in San Francisco. Academic and … Read more