Cyber Monday Deals on Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and Huawei Ascend Mate 8: Which one to buy?

Huawei is a Chinese smartphone manufacturer that gained its ground rapidly and as it keeps growing, it now threatens other colossal companies involved in the industry, such as Apple and Samsung. In fact, judging by the latest models, we’d say that Huawei’s new flagship smartphone, the Ascend Mate 8, seems to be targeting Samsung’s best … Read more

Huawei Mate 8 photos leaked: 6 FEATURES REVEALED!

Huawei’s upcoming flagship phablet, the Mate 8, will be released by the end of the week and prior to its circulation, the spotlight was attracted by a handful of leaked pictures that displayed not one, not two, but six key features that the device will most likely embody. Scroll down for the images EMUI 4.0 … Read more