Acer Liquid Z530 and Liquid Z630s Android 5.1 Lollipop selfies smartphones released in India: Price, Specs and Availability details

INDIA- Acer Inc., (NASDAQ: ASIYF) The computer giant has just released its two latest mid-range additions to the Liquid family, the Liquid Z530 and Z630s, powered by Google’s Android 5.1 Lollipop mobile operating system. Acer took the stage on Thursday to launch yet another two handsets aimed for the developing Indian market, the Liquid Z530 and Z630s- originally … Read more

Acer Aspire R14 vs Microsoft Surface Pro 4 vs Apple iPad Pro: Which one to buy!

Acer has just announced its latest laptop-tablet, the Aspire R14, so it is time to put it against Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 and Apple’s iPad Pro. Owning a powerful professional tablet – or a convertible laptop than can be turned into one for that matter – is a privilege that only a handful of people … Read more

Meet Acer’s new Windows 10 Aspire R 14 and Aspire Z3-700 laptops

NEW TAIPEI, TAIWAN- Acer Inc. (NASDAQ: ASIYF) The computer giant released a slew of new exciting laptops, the Aspire R 14 and Aspire Z3-700 that run on Microsoft’s Windows 10. Microsoft  is not the only one who released a Windows 10 charge by announcing a range of devices that take advantage of the newly refined operating … Read more

Acer Liquid Z630: 5.5-inch display, Quad-Core chip, 2GB RAM, 8MP Camera

BERLIN, GERMANY- Acer Inc. (NASDAQ: ASIYF) Acer has decided to load its guns with new smartphones and fire them all at the IFA 2015 in Berlin. Not a bad move, given that this company possesses both the resources and the skillset to pull out something like that. From all the range of new smartphones designed … Read more