Snapchat adds a group story tool to outshine Instagram

Snapchat is one of the apps that are a craze among the youngsters. The app is the development of the company called Snap Inc. Snapchat helps you share photos, videos as well as chat with your near and dear ones. Snap Inc. plans to add some more new features to its app so as make it the best app of today.

The photo and video-sharing app has added a new tool called the “group story.” This tool will help individuals stay connected with their friends and loved ones by sharing video stories or events. Snap Inc planned to add this basically to stay ahead of Instagram in the race of aggressive competition among the various app developers. The collaboration among the friends on the Snapchat is boosted by the addition of this new tool.

The group story tool not only lets people add their own stories on Snapchat but also the users can make a group video story based on any event such a birthday party, weddings, get together, or others and can also invite friends to provide various clips for creating a compilation of the videos. The video clip of the special day can be uploaded and viewed for about 24 Hours.

Snap Inc. reported at the start of this month that, currently, the growth of the company has lowered to a great extent. Hence, it plans to raise the company’s revenue standards in the coming months by the addition of a number of features. It is planning to make Snapchat as one of the highly adopted applications in today’s generation.

The company’s recently added feature “search” along with the constant updation and other features help the app be differentiated from the rest of the well-known apps. The cloning of the various features of the Snap Inc.’s Snapchat is the major reason behind the addition of new features. It plans to outdo Facebook Inc.’s app Instagram by unveiling its new group stories feature.

After company’s initial public offering (IPO) in March, the company’s shares have increased about 18%. Thus, Snap Inc. plans to top the chart in the coming years by the addition of a number of other features.

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