A Smartwatch: Apple Watch Series 2 Review

The second generation of the apple smartwatch, The Apple Watch Series 2, will prove the world that it can make itself as universally loved as the iPod, iPhone and iPad.

The main question is: Would the upgrade be big enough to beat the first Watch? Has the company succeeded in making the Watch a daily necessity rather than a luxury?

Well, the new Watch 2 has a lot more features that were originally absent in the first edition of this Watch. These features include of a water resistant design, a GPS chip for tracking your runs, a swim tracker and a much faster processor.

New OS:

The new Apple Watch 2 has the latest OS, that is, the WatchOS 3. So now, the question arises: Weather this technology will overcome the issues that prevented the original Watch becoming the must-have gadget of the year? Let’s have a look and get to know if the new Watch 2 is worth a shot or not?

Difference in Design:

The Apple Watch 2 is a phenomenal looking device in stainless steel paired with either a metal or leather strap. This gives a classy look to the Watch which makes it capable to make a statement. The only difference in design between the old and new Watch is the thickness. The new Watch comes in two different thickness, 42 mm version and 38 mm version.

Essential Apps and Performance:

Now, the new Apple Watch series has loads of apps present in it which are useful to the users. These apps include Workout, Activity, Mail, Messages, Stopwatch, Photos, Weather, Music, Stocks, Clock, Remote (for controlling iTunes), Maps, Calendar and others. The increased usability is even easier when you use the dock feature in WatchOS 3. This keeps your six most commonly used apps automatically pre-loaded, which means they’re instantly usable at a touch of just one click.

Cost Briefing and Release Date:

Moving on towards the group of people who will use this Watch, there is not a specific target for this. It’s hard to find the customers for Apple Watch 2, given the high price of ownership but on the other hand, there are some people who would try this for enjoyment. The new Apple Watch 2 costs a whooping amount of $369 in the US, £369 in the UK and AU$529 in Australia. This Watch will be available for sale starting September 23. The Apple Watch Nike+ edition, which will be released in late October, is priced at $369.

So, to conclude the discussion, Apple Watch 2 series is just an upgrade in the OS with some additional features. Even though the new Watch has some extraordinary features like water resistance, GPS and a long battery life, they are not worth the price paying for. Additionally, it is loaded with whole lots of app that the user may not find useful at all. Features such as using the Siri, taking a quick selfie or listening to music through iTunes are not basic necessities of life. But having this Watch adds an element of gloss to your daily activities.

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