Skype Preview: things you should know about it

We use either of the well-known messaging apps available today. There are numerous apps that have gone through several advancements, including video calling ability. Now, even the Skype app is added to this list. Recently, Microsoft has come up with few improvements in the app for iOS and Android, which will let the users verify that new updates before anyone else.

Skype Preview for iOS and Android users is now accessible with the updated features, which include messaging reactions, integrated camera, in-call reactions, and find panel. The updated version is available for Android on Google Play. For the Apple users, the Skype Preview for the iOS is accessible in a finite potential via the Apple’s TestFlight. Skype users in order to develop into a Skype Insider should apply for iOS and later will receive an email invite for the preview app’s download.

The new messaging reactions will enable you to react to a message from the contacts with several reactions. The integrated camera permits the users to rapidly swipe and start the camera. It will allow the users to add stickers, annotations, and emoticons on the top of the images. The in-call reactions feature makes it possible for the user to add live text, real-time photos, and live emoticons to the video calls. The new find panel enables you to discover and share news, the weather, sports results, links, videos, restaurants, and so on without exiting the app.

Have you updated your Skype app? If yes, then do share your experience with these new features.

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