Sharp to release the world’s first 8K TV

OSAKA, JAPAN- Sharp Corporation (NASDAQ: SHCAY) The Japanese consumer and home electronics manufacturers will be releasing the world’s first 8K TV.

The TV industry is a highly competitive one, as there are plenty of rival companies, each one trying to reach the top by releasing its own innovations and special offers.

With that being said, Sharp made a bold move and decided to release the world’s first and most expensive 8K TV.

The device will be available this October at the irrationally high price of $133,000, roughly the kind of money you need to buy a house or a good sports car.

The official press release was in Japanese and BBC, which covered the event, pointed out that a TV with an 8K resolution and the price mentioned above is much more likely to succeed in China, given that it is now the fastest millionaires producing country in the world. And rich people usually like showing off their wealth.

But besides the rich, such a TV can also be used by businesses who need a better resolution (eg in conference rooms), promoters, who can replace video walls with something much more impressive, and hospitals, where surgeons opening a whole the size of a nail’s head could obviously benefit from the highest resolution available.

Other than that, ordinary customers will probably pass this one as most of them are still getting used to their 4K televisions.

Apple supports that after the 300 ppi (pixel per inch), the human eye, in a “normal” viewing distance, loses the ability to tell the difference between individual pixels. That may not be entirely correct at 300 ppi but in 535ppi that the 2.5K screens have, it is definitely true.

So to be honest, having an 8K screen is certainly something that you will be able to brag about, but other than that, there is literally no practical use.

Sharp is trying to get the lead by developing some ground-breaking new devices, but truth being told, it would be more interesting to see big companies like Sharp – that already have the resources and the expertise – to look for new ways to take advantage of the existing high resolutions.

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