Samsung Galaxy Note 7 leak suggests Iris Scanner, S Pen, more

As rumored previously, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will ship with a new Iris scanner. The images were reportedly leaked on a popular tech portal. Touted to be the new biometric security measure, the integration of Iris scanner in Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is almost a confirmed feature which will be introduced in the upcoming handset.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7: Iris Scanner

After inspecting the leaks, we noticed that the image showcases a long list of various scenarios and situations in which the Iris scanner may not work properly.

While the first section of leaked image indicates “Lock screen and security settings” page, the second portion is a disclaimer, which provides a list of various situations during which the scanner may not work properly. Moreover, the disclaimer also mentions when you should not make use of the scanner.


If you look at the leaked image, you will notice a new option below “Fingerprint” named “Irises”. If you tap on “Irises”, a disclaimer will be displayed, which will display a long list of situations.

Even though Iris scanner is the latest feature using which you can make use of your eyes to unlock the device or to perform other activities, you have to take adequate precautions while using it.

Usage warning

As per the usage warnings issued by Samsung for the Iris scanner in Samsung Galaxy Note 7, you have to keep the handset about 10-inches to 14-inches away from your face with the display facing toward them. Moreover, you need to correctly position your eyes directly into the circles displayed on the display of the device in the same way as you capture images with the camera.

According to the leaked disclaimer, you should not wear glasses or contact lens during the usage of Iris scanner. It is also not advisable to make use of the sensor in direct sunlight or low-light conditions.

When not to use?

Furthermore, the new Iris scanner in Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will not work properly if you had undergone eye surgeries such as LASIK, LASEK or cataract lens implantation procedure including persons with serious eye disease like Glaucoma, which affects the optic nerves.

Possible setback

As per a report on Sammobile, the above-mentioned disclaimer will be a major setback for Samsung since the company aims to make the Iris scanner a key selling point. If strong conditions are imposed, users will be hesitant to purchase the device, which will surely affect the overall sales.

Fingerprint scanner to be discontinued?

The upcoming Iris scanner in Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will be much better than the currently available fingerprint sensors. However, it’s highly unlikely that Samsung will completely ditch the fingerprint scanner in favor of an Iris scanner. In the upcoming Note 7, you can expect the integration of fingerprint on the physical home button.


Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is expected to feature a 5.7-inch QHD curved Super AMOLED display, Exynos 8893 (US) and Snapdragon 821 (Outside US), 6GB RAM, 64GB/128GB/256GB of storage, 4000mAh battery, an enhanced S-Pen, 12MP/5MP camera including water-resistant body via IP68.

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