Oppo F3: The Latest Selfie Expert

As the technology carries on to develop more and more, smartphones have turned out to be an essential part of our lives. With these enhancements, the circumstances for selecting a smartphone amongst the innumerable models obtainable in today’s era have also tainted. While mobility, at the time of messaging and attending calls, was mainly why users needed smartphones just a decade ago, at the moment the smartphone has turned into an all-in-one gadget.

Oppo F3: The Latest Selfie Expert

Dual selfie camera for solo and group selfies

Many smartphone consumers discover that the camera that is capable of taking good selfies frequently is unsuccessful when it comes to taking a group selfie, but that is not same with the new Oppo F3 as it has two front cameras. Yes!!! The dual front cameras solve this problem.

On one hand, the 16MP front camera offers the best quality of pictures in spite of low-light, and on the other hand the 8MP wide angle 120-degree camera is developed to incarcerate a vision that is 2 times as wide as the standard camera in a smartphone, which indicates that that all your family and friends can easily fit in one sole frame. As this camera is developed to minimize distortion in the image, users can take excellent group selfies devoid of having to negotiate on quality or clarity.

In addition to this, the Oppo F3 also has a new feature—smart facial recognition, which rings a bell for the users to toggle to the wide angle 120-degree camera, automatically sensing more than 3 faces. Hence, so you can be free from the dilemma about not remembering to switch, and are certain to get high quality group selfies every time.

13 MP rear camera for impressive shots even at night

One more issue with majority of smartphone cameras is that even they offer good selfies in day time, the quality falls down during night. Hazy quality, pixelated images, and poor performance in low lights make taking picture or clicking selfies an annoying experience.

Well, from the above description, it is clear that the Oppo F3 is mainly designed for selfies and will not fail to impress you.

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