Now Facebook adds a camera feature to it

Socialization is the new trend among the masses today. Facebook is an important app installed or downloaded in most of the smartphones. After all the advancement in the app lately, Facebook has added the camera feature to it. The addition of this new feature is likely to show its rival Snapchat the influence of Facebook on people.

Camera feature will anticipate the users to take more pictures and also edit those using digital stickers. The app lets one click the images by just a single finger swipe. The camera will have visual effects such as rainbow, emoticons, beard of glitter, and others. The pictures taken can also be shared with a friend in private also rather than sharing it with all your friends. In addition to this, the picture taken is stored in a gallery known as the “story” that is same as the one seen on Snapchat.

According to Snapchat, the major reason for their popularity among the public is the camera feature along with the digital stickers. Recently, Snapchat had blamed Facebook for stealing their ideas for which Facebook hasn’t taken a stand yet.

As per the Facebook Product Manager Connor Hayes, they haven’t stolen any one’s ideas. It is just their goal to provide more trendy features to the masses. They have added features such as morphing of the photographs by using cartoon characters for instance Minions. Additionally, Facebook plans to take license from a number of studios as well as design artists to come up with new digital stickers. The most surprising sticker is going to be a laser cat with superpowers. These digital stickers or the visual effects will mostly vary as per the different locations. Though there are still many who don’t even know what certain things on Facebook means, for instance, “ROFL, that is, roll on the floor laughing.”

Snapchat is popularizing among the public currently, but after the announcement of certain amazing features by Facebook, it has gone down the cliff. It looks like Facebook is going to take the world by the storm in the coming years. Thus, everyone has their eyes set on Facebook, waiting for more new updates to the app.

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