Nokia officially to launch Android smartphones in 2017

Nokia is said to make an iconic comeback in first half of 2017 by launching Android smartphones against Samsung and Apple. But, how did a suffering-a-loss company make such a huge decision? Apparently, Nokia, in partnership with HMD Global, took this decision recently.

Nokia officially to launch Android smartphones in 2017
Nokia officially to launch Android smartphones in 2017

HMD has recently made a 10-year agreement with Nokia for phones and tablets globally. It is intended to bring a new generation of smartphones that will give a tough time to great giants like Samsung and Apple. Nokia with support of HMD will aim on markets in the Americas, Asia, Africa, China, Europe, the Middle East, and India right from day one. They will also focus on launching 4G-enabled devices form the initial stage.

But isn’t Microsoft the whole and sole owner of Nokia? Well in 2014, Nokia was acquired by Microsoft for $7.2 Billion. From that point onwards, Microsoft took care of Nokia’s handset business totally. Moving further, Microsoft sold the branding right to HMD Global for $350 Million. Now that the agreement of non-compete between Nokia and Microsoft is on the verge of expiry by 2017, Nokia has shown tremendous interest in Google’s Android OS ditching the Microsoft’s Window OS. Nokia and HMD both have an agreement and according to this agreement, HMD will pay Nokia for every sale of phones and tablets. This will cover the intellectual and brand rights.

Nokia is very well-known for its quality till date. Its [smart]phones have always come with long battery life, rough and tough body, attractive designs and so on. This has set the bars for Nokia to a high level. So, will Nokia be able to continue its high-standard quality??

We hope all good luck to the company so that it may deliver the [smart]phones with the same quality that it used to have in the old days.

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