New volumetric bubble display to help project images in 3D

“Can the visualization concept be made 3D?” is the major question the researchers are finding out the answer for. The Kota Kumagai and his group of researchers at the Center for Optical Research and Education at Utsunomiya University in Japan have used a volumetric bubble display making the 3D images a truly three-dimensional concept.

Though the volumetric bubble technology is still in the millimeter scale, it still has highly advanced full color volumetric display. This new colorful bubble graphics can be viewed through a wide range of angles as well as it can be updated.

The bubble graphics are created using the multiphoton absorption concept and a fluorescent liquid as the screen. The multiphoton concept means the phenomenon in which the photons emitted by a laser are absorbed at a certain point where laser’s light is focused. The microbubbles created are kept in the specific locations using the fluorescent liquid screens. The bubbles created help project the graphics focused on them in 3D and also make their visualization in all angles possible.

Till date the researchers have used external light sources such as LED lamps to color the bubbles which results in making the images monochromatic. But the use of projector on the bubble can make graphic all the more colorful. As the technology is still in the pilot scale, the researchers believe that this bubble graphic innovation can be beneficial for the museums or art galleries, military to look into opponent’s terrain, and help the medical officials visualize the patient’s physiology in the near future.

According to Kumagai, the volumetric 3D bubble display is the best option for the art galleries, aquariums, and the museums when measured on the scale of money. But the technological advancements to make the new display technology feasible and affordable by using cost-effective sources and optical devices and improving its size to an even more better and small system may be for personal use.

Could you ever think about the bubbles boosting the image visualization? But the concept has been brought to life by a group of researchers in Japan. Go be enlightened more on this project, do stay tuned.

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