New speech recognition chip saves power up to 99%

Is battery consumption of your devices a serious concern for you? So here’s something you should know. A research team at MIT has recently designed a low-power special-purpose chip that claims to decrease the power utilization of electronic devices and as a result, helps them save battery. The chip is dedicated to automatic speech recognition and has been asserted to need 0.2–10 mW in comparison with 1 W needed by a standard smartphone operating the speech recognition software.

The research team states that such a significant variation in power necessity efficiently by the new chip may lead to power saving up to 90–99%. Thus, such an extreme decrease in power utilization can enable the use of speech recognition in more number of devices, specifically in those where power restriction was hindering the application of this technology.

Moreover, the device’s size is getting smaller day by day, and hence more power elements are used, the battery life problem solved by this chip can open new avenues for the hardware developers.

If you are thinking how the chip handles saving power, then the reason behind it is the well-organized execution of speech recognition networks. In addition, the chip consists of a voice activity recognition circuit that parts the surrounding noise to verify whether it may be a speech or not. It’s after the confirmation of being a speech by this circuit, a bigger and more compound voice recognition circuit is given a green signal to get functional.

What do you think how much helpful this chip would be for a user? Feel free to share your opinion.

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