New Navigation Features Added To Enhance Flickr

In a recent announcement, Flickr has disclosed the addition of several new features and tweaks to its design that make it easier to navigate through the photo-sharing program. The additions include new tools and a redesigned mobile app that streamline the experience for users across all compatible platforms. While some of the new features can be found in other photo-sharing apps and services, adding them to the Flickr experience makes the program much stronger.

One of the new features that has been added is a new Uploadr application for Mac and Windows desktop devices. Boasting 1TB of free storage per account, the user can use the application to upload up to half a million photos from computers, external devices, or wherever else photos are stored. On the Flickr mobile app, an Auto-Uploadr feature now automatically uploads photos from your device. For enhanced security, all of the photos automatically uploaded are marked as private until you make them public and any doubles of the photos are automatically removed.

Flickr has also added a new Camera Roll feature to the program that makes browsing through all of the photos uploaded to the site much easier than before. Previously, users would have to scroll forever and navigate through multiple pages on the site in the Photostream view mode to find the photos they desired. Now, the new feature categorizes thumbnails of photos by subject as well as by date taken or uploaded and shows how many views each photo has so you can quickly see which ones are the most popular.

There is now a new Magic View feature on the site as well that uses image recognition technology to sort all of your photos within at least one of 60 categories, including landscapes, panoramas, and animals. Users can refine the search parameters by subject matter, objects, color, or size and even use it for their own images, which is helpful for searching for a particular photo that you have uploaded in the past. Flickr also made sharing easier, as you can now download multiple images as a zipped file to be sent to any recipient.

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