NASA live feed won’t air from ISS starting September 1

NASA has announced that it will not broadcast any visuals the cameras, which will look 250 miles down towards Earth and out into the space station via the web. This comes in the wake of a wide range of UFOs that have been captured on the live streams by alien chasers. The videos from the ISS also reportedly surfaced on YouTube.

While disclosing the news via a press release, the space agency disclosed that the NASA Television’s Space Station Live program will be discontinued on September 1. However, the television network will continue to telecast live coverage of dynamic space station operations, including launches, dockings, landings, spacewalks and briefings.

According to conspiracy theorists, NASA is allegedly covering up the series of events which will occur as a result of public disclosure. Moreover, the decision by NASA is not seen with good taste by scientists and researchers.

Commenting on the NASA’s decision, scientists are of the opinion that the space agency in partnership with the governments worldwide is desperate to conceal the truth from the general public. This is because many people believe that it will lead to the end of religion and the current rule of law.

Responding to the decision, UFO blogger Scott C Waring revealed that he has reasons to believe as to why NASA would like to shut the live feed down. Waring disclosed that if the public learns that aliens exist then NASA is no longer required. Hence, the US-based space agency has shut down the live camera again.

Waring added that for NASA $20 monthly internet fees is very high than the two seven million dollar HD cameras inside the ISS. They want to protect the images from the outside world to avoid other countries to spy on them. The main work of NASA is to identify the presence of life in the space.

NASA live feed – Hiding Truth

According to YouTube video maker SonofMabarker, many people used to regularly monitor the live feed and post articles, videos and images based on the findings.

He said that by ending the live broadcast NASA has shown to the outside world that they can’t be trusted anymore to unravel the truth. What’s wrong if people views the live feeds and draws conclusions out of it? It will certainly help the science community.

Recently, the agency was heavily criticized by scientists since they offered to deliver edited weekly highlights from the cameras to those who are interested.

When asked about the recent series of controversies, an official spokesperson said that the agency has found no evidence of any alien life in the universe. They denied rumors about the possible cover-up and stated that the live feed has to be interrupted due to a camera switch or power loss.

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