MSI Will Not Hesitate in Electric Car Segment

With the government aiming on marketing of electric cars, Maruti Suzuki India will not hesitate in the sector and will emerge with models on the basis of user preference, as per R C Bhargava, the company chairman.

The auto giant, which has almost 50% of the market share in the passenger vehicle sector of India, also anticipates its trades to elevate in double digits over the upcoming 3–5 Years. “Government has declared program to swiftly market the use of electric cars in the country. It is an extremely creditable policy since it will really improve the overtime and usage lead to cleaner atmosphere,” R C Bhargava, MSI Chairman, told stakeholders in the 36th AGM (Annual General Meeting) of the company here.

MSI Will Not Hesitate in Electric Car Segment

He further added that the firm will come with electric cars after confirming user preference. “Your firm will not hesitate in the sector. The moment we can decide the user preference, we will emerge with such cars. In the intervening time, aim will be to augment fuel competence in present models and come with fresh technologies,” Bhargava claimed.

Chairman of Suzuki Motor Corp., T Suzuki and Osamu Suzuki along with leading leadership of MSI, CEO and Managing Director Kenichi Ayukawa and Bhargava, were there at the time of the AGM. Replying to query of the shareholders on growth predictions, Bhargava claimed, “For the coming 3–5 Years, the Indian auto industry must develop in double digits and I am quite sure that Maruti, with the back of Suzuki, will surely develop in the double digits.”

He further added that with such trades growth, the firm might be capable of achieving its aim of trading 2 Million units by the end of 2020 and an additional 2.5 Million and 3 Million vehicles in the upcoming time. Bhargava claimed that the auto industry to a biggest extent mirrors alternation in the economy of the nation. “I am a solid believer that all the structural alternations in the last 3 Years will make a foundation in the future for much quicker development of the economy,” he further added. He further claimed that this may lead to growth in the economy.

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