Microsoft Office 16 released worldwide: What’s new in latest Business productivity suite

For anyone of you who is 18 years old or older, we have to agree that Microsoft Office is undoubtedly the number one software thanks to which both minor and major businesses and giant corporations operate smoothly and in no time. With Microsoft Office projects can be completed within a matter of days or even hours so the workflow keeps running smoothly.

In the last few years however, we’ve all witnessed the rise of some rivals that draw Microsoft back, such as Google Drive. The latter has met great success partially thanks to the wide ecosystem of services programs it provides but mostly thanks to its collaboration features that allow multiple people to edit a file at the same time.

Now it gets clear that this is what Microsoft hopes to achieve with the major Office 2016 update. In other words with this update, users will have the option to co-author a document in Word and in real life without having to change the information that’s being used by someone else.

But there’s more. Microsoft is bringing along a bunch of extra cool features, such as the “Tell Me” box that lets users search for a particular in-app function without navigating the myriad series of buttons and menus available inside Office apps that control every little feature.

The features mentioned above all add up to Microsoft’s effort to keep its customers if not multiply them. Otherwise most customers would have no reason not to try out another company that can provide similar services. In fact, Google mentioned that there are 1 million businesses actively using its Drive for Work collaboration and storage product, besides all the individual consumer user.

After Tuesday’s launch it turns out that we still have a lot to expect by Microsoft, its Office 365 and its promised constant updates concerning its new upcoming Office 365 service. Microsoft announced Tuesday that it has begun offering GigJam in a private beta, and it plans to make it available in Office 365 sometime next year. In the meantime, stay tuned to get informed about many more hot topics.

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