Microsoft HoloLens up for sale in the US and Canada for $3000

Do you have $3000 lying around somewhere? If you had answered this query yes, you should consider buying HoloLens development kit. Microsoft has thrown open the sales of the HoloLens development kit to anyone in the US or Canada.

According to analysts, the move by Microsoft just on the day of the release of Window 10 Anniversary edition will significantly expand the developer community to a large extent to build apps for the augmented reality headset.

Till recently, Hololens was available only to software developers and companies via Microsoft authorized sales reps. But now if you are located in the US or Canada, you can buy up to five headsets online through the official Microsoft store. However, we don’t have any confirmation about the availability in other countries.

In technical terms, only developers and business customers will be able to buy HoloLens. The important point to note is that Microsoft has waived the requirement for mandatory submission of an application. Hence, the availability of HoloLens is actually free.

Microsoft HoloLens Functionality

HoloLens has the ability to overlay three-dimensional images onto the real world. The 3D images can be redrawn to match the requirements of the user by effectively keeping track of their movements. You will be able to visualize objects as if they appear in real space.

Microsoft HoloLens Real world application

Recently, an application developed with HoloLens developer kit was demonstrated at Worldwide Developer Conference in Toronto. During the conference, Japan Airlines demonstrated a HoloLens app that enables engineers to get close up view of a full dimension computerized prototype of a jet engine.

The app has the capability to highlight engine parts. You will be able to know how various components work together in a way which is not possible with a real engine.

Disclosure before purchase

The currently available kit is the same developer edition that has been offered to Microsoft partners. However, customers are asked to sign a disclosure stating that the headset is not a finished product and are not intended for consumers.

No reselling or refunds possible

Furthermore, customers are being asked by Microsoft not to resell the product after purchase. You cannot claim any sort of refunds from Microsoft if you are not satisfied with the product.

If you had purchased the headset by paying $3000, it should be used only by you and not by a third-party. You cannot sell it on eBay or somewhere in future.

Recently, few HoloLens units were spotted on eBay for up to $5000. In June 2016, Microsoft disclosed that the company is opening up the platform in such a way to allow other manufacturers to build their own editions of the product. By the end of this year, we can expect third-party companies to sell HoloLens headset.

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